Frequently asked questions

Can I pick what I want on my board? 
We don’t have options for you to choose what you want to put on your board because we are always changing it up. We buy what’s fresh, available, delicious, and favored by our repeat customers. Our traditional charcuterie boards always include an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, veggies and dip, fresh fruit, crackers/bread, and something pickled. However, feel free to ask us not to include something that you dislike or have an allergy to.  

What if I’m allergic to a certain food that you may use? 
Just tell us what you’re allergic to, and we’ll leave it off. 

What if there’s a cheese I hate or I don’t like olives?
Just tell us what you don’t like, and we’ll leave it off. 

How far in advance do I need to order, and can I get my board any day of the week?
We prefer to know a day in advance. We are closed on Sunday and Monday, but contact us at 803.646.8630 for larger catering orders on these days. If we can accommodate them, we will. 

Does Board deliver or do I pick it up?
Curbside pick up is available to all of our customers. We love to deliver to customers in Aiken and surrounding areas for a $5 fee. For those outside of Aiken, we request a minimum $100 order. 

What if I want to buy a board as a gift? 
We just need the address of who is receiving the board, and we’ll take it to them.  Please make sure they know to be home as we cannot leave food outside. We can also add a note to the board with any message you’d like.  Just add that on your order form. Check out our add-ons, too!

Will my board travel easily?
The pizza box option is excellent for travel. You may need an insulated bag with a couple of ice packs or, depending on size, the box can travel in a cooler. 

Can I get my board the day before I intend to enjoy it?
For optimal freshness, we prefer to make your board the day you plan to enjoy it, but it will keep if refrigerated and also travels well. 

How long can my board sit out?
We recommend all refrigerated food not sit out at room temperature longer than 2 hours.

What else can you do?
We can cater events and make larger versions of our boards such as a grazing table. Prices vary according to size.

We can also make any board on a real wooden tray and use real serving pieces and bowls to add a nice touch and a bit of sophistication for your event. We pick up the items the next day.  

Grazing Table

Wooden Tray

How do I pay?
Cash on delivery or credit card.

What if I want to make a themed board that you don’t already have? 
Just email us your idea and we’ll make it happen! Pricing will depend on what products/ingredients are needed to make your board. Everything we make is customized and special. No board is the same!

Still have a question?
Email us your question, and we’ll get back with you.